Penn | Bug-like aliens, they’re the ones with wings. Have natural armor-like hard skin with softer, patterned skin. An elective monarchy.

C’efil | Squid-like aliens, they have thick tentacles for legs. The Penn's long-time enemies and current allies, also fighting the Droem.

 Droem | The Penn and C'efil's current enemies.


The Accords | The Inter-Galactic Accords, rules on warfare, health and the rights of sentient beings.

Candidate(s) | The Penn elect a monarch from among a selection of candidates raised from birth. Typically there are six, though there may be less if some of the candidates die or withdraw.

Droem War I | The current war, with the Droem on one side and the Penn and C'efil on the other.

The Election | When Penn speak of "The" Election, they're referring to the election of the Penn Monarchy. See also: Candidates.

Hive ship | A large powerful type of air & space ship built and used by the Penn.

The Holy C'efil Confederation | A formal name for the C'efil's system of government.

Orbit(s) | One orbit around their star - formal way of saying year.

Penn-C'efil War XVI | The Penn and the C'efil's most recent war. Long since over, but still in living memory of all but the young.

Rotation(s) | Rotation is one rotation of their planet - formal way of saying full day.

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