The Queen Candidate is a webcomic drawn by Zoe Maxine.

It is a story of how history repeats itself, war, alien politics, and
coming of age.

An in-world newspaper, with articles written in alien text. Euffae is nervously shaking hands with Captain Virel.

Euffae is a Candidate, in line for rulership of her people, the Penn. But she has a problem: her planet is currently embroiled in a war and some of her fellow Candidates have already been killed.

Needing to get to the capital in time for the election she was raised to participate in, Euffae gets an offer of a ride home from an unlikely source. Tensions might be high, but the enemy of her enemy may be the best way to get home safely.

If they can get along long enough to reach it.


Loosely rated pg-14.

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How do you make the pages? Do you use photoshop or illustrator?
The roughs I draw in Photoshop, the finals are done completely with vectors in Adobe Illustrator.

What fonts do you use?
Chapter 1's dialogue is Comic Neue Angular (here). From Interlude 1, it's OpenDyslexic (here). The title banner, captions and sound effects are done by me.

Sometimes you miss updates?
I'd like to update at least once a week, but keeping Queen Candidate's schedule flexible means that anything with a hard deadline (eg freelance job, convention, etc) takes precedent. Sometimes real life, health issues or technology gets in the way. I usually make a note of any delays on my twitter. Thank you for your patience!

Why aliens?
Why not aliens. Why not.




2014, Zoe Maxine