Switch back to Euffae, Thyssa and the Ambassador. The lighting is still red and the alarms are still going off. The Ambassador has Euffae's tablet and is talking to Captain Virel on it. Euffae and Thyssa are having an unintelligible conversation in the background. AMBASSADOR: Captain Virel, I'm sorry to contact you so soon. CAPTAIN VIREL: Is that an alarm? What's happened? The perspective goes to Captain Virel, surrounded by screens and two crew members, one green and one red. Virel is speaking to the Ambassador on her screen. AMBASSADOR: The Droem are coming. Our facility is evacuating. I know the plan was to leave tomorrow, but - VIREL: I understand. Virel turns to the green C'efil. VIREL: Chirot, send a message to Command. CHIROT: Yes, Captain. VIREL: Pass on everything, please. Virel turns to the red C'efil, on her other side. VIREL: Histiot, Rouse the crew.

Chapter Two | Part 3

Change of plans.


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