A door opens, revealing a pink and yellow Penn. RHIFF: Bisst, Zzygo, we're back! Two Penn enter a room very similar to Euffae's. Yellow, hexagonal with multiple beds. Of the new Penn, one is the yellow and pink one and the other is blue and red. Inside the room are already two other Penn, one green and brown with tattoos, the other teal and orange. RHIFF: Pack your bags, we're hitching a ride with the C'efil in the morning! ZZYGO: Rhiff, stop joking around. Rhiff seems excited. His blue and red companion, Aniss, less so. RHIFF: No, it's true! ANISS: Euffae agreed to their deal. Who would've thought she had the guts? The green and brown one speaks up, smug. BISST: Speak for yourself, Aniss. You gonna settle your bets with me now or later?

Chapter Two | Part 1

Wait, who are these people?


2014, 2015 Zoe Maxine