Virel rubs the back of her neck and leans against the cell barrier while Attacus listens sympathetically. VIREL: No, she doesn't know. I haven't transitioned officially, and since I was assigned male, Command still thinks I'm male. I'm not out as female yet. ATTACUS: That's difficult. VIREL: I'm filling out the paperwork now. Once I'm done and re-blessed - then I'll correct them. Attacus looks up at Virel, gesturing to himself. She pinches her fingers together with a little smile. ATTACUS: But you told me? VIREL: And my friends. Little paddles help. Virel looks at Attacus, hands behind her back. He looks deflated. VIREL: If there's anything I can do for you? I know how hard it must be for you. ATTACUS: I -
INTERLUDE 1: Virel & Attacus | Part 3

When Virel was re-blessed, she was given the formal tag of ‘nel, which roughly translates to "calm passion", something her and her Chaplain had decided was nice.


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