The medic smiles. MEDIC: Excellent. I'll check on you regularly, alright? ATTACUS: Okay. The medic turns to the wall, clicking on the sound. Virel lets the medic out. MEDIC: Virel! VIREL: All done? MEDIC: Yes, thank you, Virel. Virel and Attacus watch the medic go. VIREL: How did it go? ATTACUS: It went well, I think. Though -- I think the medic made a mistake? Attacus looks up at Virel, concerned. VIREL: Did she? ATTACUS: Earlier the medic called you a he. But you said you were female, right? Should I have said something?
INTERLUDE 1: Virel & Attacus | Part 2

Goodbye medic with very apt shaped skin patterns.


2014, Zoe Maxine