Caption: 17 Orbits ago. Penn-C'efil War XVI. A younger Ambassador, just Attacus at the time, is sitting wide eyed as a gloved C'efil hand presses a white patch over his eye. MEDIC: It's almost healed but keep the patch on until I tell you. Any other issues? ATTACUS: Other issues? They're revealed to be in a small cell with a glass-like wall. Attacus sits on a bed while a C'efil medic speaks to him. Outside the cell is a younger Virel. MEDIC: We follow the Accords here, let me know if there's any issues with mistreatment. And don't worry about Virel, he can't hear us. You have confidentiality. ATTACUS: What? Oh no, I've been treated very well, thank you.
INTERLUDE 1: Virel & Attacus | Part 1

"Captain Virel is an old friend of mine."

This also marks the start of a new dialogue font, OpenDyslexic! You can find it here.


2014, Zoe Maxine