Virel looks to Cirrin, who shrugs. VIREL: If you do not accept our offer, we would likely continue supply transport. Euffae thinks about this. EUFFAE: You're not combat-ready? Mastig leans forward, angry, startling Euffae and annoying his captain. MASTIG: Of course we're combat-ready! VIREL: Mastig. Mastig backs off a little. MASTIG: Apologies. We've had skirmishes but not active duty. Command is keeping us in reserve, that's all. Euffae looks regretful. EUFFAE: Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say-- sorry. I just - I just don't want to distract from your war effort.
Chapter One | Part 17

You have to admit, though - Mastig had been quiet at least until now.


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