The Penn and the C'efil are now all sitting around the table. CIRRIN: Thank the Waters of Life for providing us with abundant sustenance. VIREL: And I believe that is the end of the formalities. To the point, then. Virel and Cirrin are speaking seriously, as Mastig deals with the food. VIREL: We understand you need transport to your capital for the election. Safe transport. CIRRIN: The Droem have killed a candidate already, we heard? Euffae has her hands to her mouth, looking sad and nervous, as Thyssa looks angrily away from the C'efil. EUFFAE: Ah! Um, well -- VIREL: ...Is something wrong? The ambassador interjects. AMBASSADOR: Two. We lost Crissi since the last time we spoke.
Chapter One | Part 14

Two down, four to go.


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