Virel takes over introductions, putting a hand on Cirrin's back as Euffae nervously smiles at them. VIREL: This is our chaplain, Cirrin'ina. EUFFAE: Hello. CIRRIN: A pleasure. May the Silence keep you safe. Mastig looks down at Euffae, arms folded. Euffae gives a little wave. VIREL: And Commander Mastig'oteut. MASTIG: Greetings. EUFFAE: Nice to meet you? MASTIG: [silence] Now Cirrin gestures toward a low table with all sorts of food in dishes upon it. CIRRIN: We have arranged a meal. Would you care to join us? EUFFAE: Th-thank you, we accept. It um. Looks. Delicious?
Chapter One | Part 13

Totally polite.


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