The four Penn, Euffae, Thyssa, the Ambassador and Euffae's guard, walk towards the pavilion. As they go up the ramp, the guard splits off to stand by the entrance. AMBASSADOR: It's easy to be intimidated, but if it helps, Captain Virel is an old friend of mine. Just act calm and natural and you'll be fine. EUFFAE: Natural, okay, right. I can do that. Yeah. The three Penn are now standing in front of the three C'efil, who are all much taller and bigger than the Penn. Euffae is stiff as Virel looks down at her in surprise, Cirrin smiles mildly patronizingly, and Mastig stares unsmiling. The Ambassador smiles as he introduces them. AMBASSADOR: Captain Virel'nel, all, may I introduce you to Thyssa, head of the Candidate Program - THYSSA: Greetings. AMBASSADOR: - and the Candidate herself, Euffae. EUFFAE (in a very wavering text bubble): Hi.
Chapter One | Part 12

Totally natural.


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