Euffae bows to the other Penn. EUFFAE: Hello, Ambassador. We are well. I, um, I hope I don't disappoint you. AMBASSADOR: Don't be nervous, Candidate. You'll make us proud, I'm sure. EUFFAE: Th-thank you, Ambassador. The Penn Ambassador smiles at a still-nervous Euffae.  AMBASSADOR: The C'efil won't bite. In fact, I think you'll enjoy meeting them. After all, if Thyssa can forgive and forget, so can you. Thyssa interjects, not happily. THYSSA: I forgot nothing. Thyssa points at a now unsmiling Ambassador, as Euffae stands awkwardly in the middle, looking at the ground. THYSSA: But Euffae will do her duty, Attacus. AMBASSADOR: Very well. Smile back on, the Ambassador gestures to the pavilion. AMBASSADOR: Shall we, then?
Chapter One | Part 11

The Penn have no middle names or surnames, but rest assured that if they did, Thyssa would have pulled all of the Ambassador's out on him. 


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