Virel and Mastig are continuing their discussion. MASTIG: That’s naïve – They’re interrupted by a newcomer. CIRRIN: Excuse me! Captain Virel, the Penn Candidate is arriving. VIREL: Thank you, Cirrin. We’ll be out shortly. CIRRIN: Their ship hasn’t landed yet, if you wanted to continue your discussion? VIREL: No, thank you. Just a moment, Chaplain. The captain turns back to Mastig. VIREL: It’s too late to back out of the offer now. But I will take your concerns into account. In the meantime – MASTIG: Be polite? VIREL: - and quiet.
Chapter One | Part 8

Their back fins are soft and squishy and tuck underneath their armour. As chaplain, Cirrin has no need of armour, and can show hers off.


2014, Zoe Maxine