The two C'efil continue speaking to each other in the sparse, empty room. MASTIG: Do you respect my opinion or not? CAPTAIN: I respect your experience. Please respect me. MASTIG: I do, Captain, I do. Just listen. CAPTAIN: Go on. MASTIG: This 'deal' is dangerous. You can't trust the Penn. At best, they'll spy on our ship. At worst? Sabotage. The captain rubs her temples. Why WOULD they? They need us and we need them. We cannot fight the Droem alone, Mastig. MASTIG: This war will make us vulnerable. You think the Penn won't take advantage once it's over? CAPTAIN: I'm trying to make sure there will be an 'over'!
Chapter One | Part 7

Mastig always had those scars, obviously. Shh.


2014, Zoe Maxine