Euffae and Thyssa are approaching the entrance to the building. Outside, there's a small ship, and it's revealed the building they were in was dug into the ground of a hilly sort of country. THYSSA: We still have time before the election. And a maybe is far more flexible than a yes or a no. EUFFAE: Thyssa... do you trust them? THYSSA: We're allies now, for better or worse. We don't have to trust them to work with them. Euffae and Thyssa fly up to the ship, where the door is open and waiting for them. THYSSA: Remember, you are a Candidate. Don't let them know you're frightened, don't refuse anything outright and most importantly: don't be yourself.
Chapter One | Part 5

The building was originally built into a natural canyon, and as it extended they dug more into the rock. Penn buildings are usually high in the air (on mountains or in trees) or semi-underground (in canyons and dug into the sides of cliffs), with little in-between.

During an attack, an alert sounds throughout the building so that all Penn can go and be sealed in their rooms. Shields in the glass are activated. There are several bolt holes and secret passages in case the halls are compromised. 


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